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Representing a vast array of the finest producers and manufacturers around the world, George Uhe Company supplies customers with the raw materials to develop and manufacture flavor and fragrance, pharmaceutical, medical, nutritional, animal health, personal care, cosmetic, dental and oral hygiene products.

And along with outstanding ingredients, we supply a sophisticated level of knowledge and service that makes it very easy to do business with Uhe.

Easy access We have the sources. We know the market. And we can get you the ingredients you need.

Easy shopping We are a single-source, one-stop shop - a multi-product supplier offering a virtual supermarket of choice. So you are not limited to a few select or niche items. At Uhe you can get all the ingredients you need.

Easy to negotiate logistics Just leave all the logistics to Uhe! Because we can handle every detail of the process - from arranging transportation and clearing customs...we make sure every shipment arrives on time.

And delivery is JIT! We offer storage for just-in-time delivery - refrigerated, if needed, regardless of size requirements - anywhere in the country. And Uhe has many items in stock for immediate delivery.

We speak your language By the way, our staff is multi-lingual with employees on board who can speak your language - if it's English, Spanish, French, German or Chinese, that is!

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